A Running Adventure aims to promote running as a fun, pleasant and simple activity.

There is a vast quantity of running advice out there, in books, magazines and on the internet.  New and experienced runners alike can be overwhelmed by how they are told they should or shouldn't run.  This blog follows a simple philosophy.  Run.  Enjoy.  Continue.

Or to be verbose... Just get outside and go running.  Don't worry too much about other people telling you how to train and run.  Enjoy your running and have fun while running.  Don't follow rigid training plans.  For me, continue means to run within your limits and with good form to avoid injuries.  I intend to be running for the rest of my life.  Enjoy the running adventure and where it leads you.

Many runners get rather obsessed by their running.  I guess I am one of them, but I see running as part of a much bigger adventure and this blog covers not only running, but also the adventures, places and other activities that running leads me to.

I like minimalist running shoes and I'm amused at the attention I receive when running in them.  I am pleased to see the positive response that minimalist shoes are getting today, but I'm not a full on barefoot fanatic.

Enjoy the running adventure.