Sunday, 24 April 2022

8 weeks until Spine Challenger

I read the mandatory kit list for Spine Challenger a fortnight ago, and realised that I don't even own half of it. Then I realised that I'll be carrying around a 5kg backpack so will barely be able to run. And that's on the flat, let alone all the climbs.

So I started walking and running regularly with a weighted backpack. I can already feel the difference as its getting a little easier. But my lower back and hips aren't thanking me yet!

I'm feeling like a real imposter right now. I'm not dangerously underprepared but I'm certainly well behind the fitness level I'd like, given that I'm not used to carrying the weight.

I'll get Devil's Challenge out of the way next weekend, then start sourcing the long list of Spine kit so that I can start training with it.