Sunday, 17 July 2016

Fairlands Valley Challenge marathon

Despite "retiring" from marathons after my 100th, I wanted to do one marathon in my 100 club shirt, so picked an old favourite with the Fairlands Valley Challenge.

Course familiarity really helps with this one.  I think the first ten runners all took slightly different routes over the first mile!  I went off a bit fast in the 9:30am mass start and soon settled into 4th place, and then 5th after the same guy passed me for the third time.

I raced the first half while it was hot but overcast, passing half way in 2:01.  Then the sun came out and the second half  just got harder and harder, especially on the hills, and I got slower and slower.

This year I barely used the map and directions, remembering much of the course from previous years.  Plenty of other runners were looking uncertain all along the route.  I used to find this one tricky to follow.

Too hot for running.

4:40 for marathon number 101.  I'm planning to take a longer break from marathons now!

Fairlands Valley Challenge 2016 medal.