Saturday, 5 December 2015

Trailscape East at Cuxton

Another great trail marathon from Trailscape, this time from Cuxton in Kent.  Two laps of tough hills, mud and yet another headwind.

We began with a long, long climb out of race HQ, unusually dibbed out one by one so I was never quite sure if I was ahead or behind of runners alongside me.  Trees provided shelter from the worst of the headwind and the outbound section passed quickly, the return leg being more open, across fields but with the wind behind.  I got chatting to someone and we finished the second lap together.

I ran the first lap in 2 hours, feeling good, but fell apart after the inital climb on lap two, having to ease off and not enjoying the next hour or so.  After the turnaround I picked up and enjoyed the running again.  The last three miles I struggled with calf cramp despite feeling OK otherwise, losing a couple of places here.

By far the highlight of the race was the flying sprint down to the finish!

4:22:34 for my 94th marathon and a personal record of 23 in a calendar year.