Saturday, 14 November 2015

Druids Challenge 2015 - three days of mud, hills, headwind and rain

What a weekend!  Three days of The Ridgeway trail with an amazing bunch of runners and great support from Extreme Energy.

The highlight for me was running Grim's Ditch, a three mile singletrack, flying downhill under the Autumn trees, which provided a brief respite from the rain and wind.  The low point was probably the next few miles along the Thames path, fully into the headwind and driving rain!

This was some of the best running all year, very different from The Race to the Stones in the Summer.  Autumn colours everywhere and if it wasn't muddy then it was wet.

Friday was the best day weather wise, with a damp start but then mild enough to run in a t-shirt.  The rest of the weekend was run into a 20mph headwind, with much of Saturday in heavy rain.

Here are the stats for my 90th, 91st and 92nd marathons.  The 100 feels close now!
Day 1: Ivinghoe Beacon to Watlington.  29 miles in 4:56:10, 12th place.
Day 2: Watlington to Wantage.  27 miles in 4:41:58, 24th place.
Day 3: Wantage to Wroughton.  28 miles in 4:44:40, 27th place.
Overall: 84 miles in 14:22:48, 16th place (out of 121 finishers).