Saturday, 25 July 2015

Twilight Marathon - 21 laps of Redbridge Cycle Circuit

I was familiar with the hill at the Redbridge Cycle Circuit from a couple of club races.  But those were short, 3 lap events.  Today I ran up the hill 21 times on the just-over-2km lap.  It is a lovely lap too, surrounded by trees, with glimpses onto the rest of the course all the way round, as it loops back upon itself.

But the 2pm start meant running mostly in direct sun, which combined with the hill wore me down quicker than expected.  By halfway, in 1:53, I was already walking part of the hill.

There was a 40 miler on the same track, which had started at 10am, although there weren't many of them. And a half marathon started at 5pm.

I enjoyed the run, despite the heat and the hills, but the short, steep downhill took its toll on my quads.

I pushed hard over the last few laps to ensure a sub-4 finish for my 85th marathon, in 3:57:55.  Here is the route, all 21 laps of it.