Sunday, 20 July 2014

Fairlands Valley Challenge marathon 2014

Another great event from FV Spartans.  Today was my sixth attempt at the Fairlands Valley marathon.

I had a great start, enjoying an improved first couple of miles, then back into the old route.  It was hot from the off, under direct sun for much of the day and shortly after half way I could feel my calves starting to cramp, then they both suddenly locked up, tipping me onto the dirt.  A quick stretch and I was moving again, but the second half of the race was a process of attrition and dehydration.  The Gu tablets didn't seem to be working but the gels worked OK.

By the last checkpoint at Watton at Stone I had given up on my target time (my last three attempts were all between 4:12 and 4:13) and was walking on most of the uphills.

Fairlands Valley Challenge 2014 medal
As always, lovely Hertfordshire countryside, and a great finish with medals, ice cream, burgers, music, massage, showers and a bar!  But today wasn't my day.  Definitely the sun took its toll and not just on me, there was an ambulance at the finish, but maybe I'm not fully recovered from the Welsh 3000s just three weeks ago.

Post-run refreshment
Here is the route on Strava. 4:32:19 for my 64th marathon.