Monday, 28 October 2013

Brentwood Running Festival 2013 - marathon

Last time I ran the Brentwood marathon, two years ago, it was my 25th marathon.  This time it was my 55th - good progress.  I was disappointed to run 11 minutes slower than last time.  I can only blame it on the wind and possibly weight training on Tuesday and Thursday.

I set off at an easy pace, first two laps in 19:30, then a few at about 20 minutes, half way in 2:01, a minute slower than last time, but the headwind across the field got the better of me.  I felt I was running as much of the two hills as last time, but they just kept sapping my energy.

I got the clothing wrong.  It was a difficult choice with hot direct sun and a cold wind so I went for my lightweight rain jacket over a wicking top, which turned out to be too hot most of the time, but about right into the wind.  I carried hat, buff and gloves all the way, but never wore them.

The timing chip was a ridiculous bulky thing, too heavy for the wrist so I stuffed it in my pocket where it worked just as well.  I wouldn't race again with these.

Overall an enjoyable, relaxed run through a beautiful country park.  I wanted to run faster but on the day it wasn't there.

4:24:02 for marathon number 55.  Here is the route, all 12 laps of it.