Saturday, 15 June 2013

Vegan Welsh 3000s ultra marathon

What a way to run my 50th marathon.  The Vegan Welsh 3000s should have taken in all of the Welsh peaks over 3000 feet, but Crib Goch was omitted at the last minute for our safety.  A sensible decision given we set off into hill fog, hail, a bit of rain and gale force gusts over the tops.

I'm hoping to do a full write up but was so tired after the run that all I've got are the photos for now.

Welsh 3000s... and 5

Starting up the Watkin Path
Not much to see on the way up Snowdon
Turning off the railway path
Best to stay below that cloud
Leaving Elidr Fawr
Looking forward to Tryfan
Feeling the cold on the Glyders
Crossing the finish line
 These are time of day, starting at 5am...
The results - near the bottom!
I had a monster appetite for a few days following the run.  Buttered mars bar seemed completely normal...
Recovery food - buttered mars bar
Marathon #50 in 12:07:02.  Only another 50 to go!