Friday, 1 March 2013


So I took a gamble a couple of months back and signed up to for their first Tim Ferriss subscription.  In return for your cash, they send you, every three months, a package of goodies.  I picked #TIM01 as at the time I was working my way through improving my cooking skills with the help of the Four Hour Chef book.  I'm not going to focus on Tim Ferriss or the Four Hour series here as the internet contains more than enough of both already!  Onto the package...

It was worth the wait - a big cardboard box arrived this week and it had quite a selection.

#TIM01 - the package
First out was a Buddha Board, my favourite from the whole package.  A beautifully simple concept - a pale grey slate mounted on a stand which holds a small pool of water and a paintbrush.  You "paint" on the slate with water, turning it a deep black, only to watch it slowly fade away over several minutes.  It is a wonderfully relaxing experience and not something I have ever seen before.  The moment I picked up the brush I was immersed and my lack of artistic skills didn't matter as all trace had soon vanished.  Thumbs up.

Next out was a tub of Athletic Greens, enough for a month.  This nutritional supplement is a plant based powder which, mixed with water, makes a surprisingly tasty, dark green drink.  Their website is a little over the top and makes all sorts of claims about its energy boosting powers.  It is expensive too.  Enough to make me wary of its claims.  Still, I have a tub so I'll try it for a month and report back.

Continuing the performance enhancing theme was a Bigger Stronger Faster DVD, a combination comedy and documentary about performance enhancing drugs in American sport.  I'll update here once I have watched it.
#TIM01 - the contents
Two books followed.  The bestselling Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  As the cover says, "some instructions on Writing and Life" sums it up.  I've already got this one on Kindle, so maybe a nice present for someone.  The other was Letters from a Stoic by Seneca, one that's been on my reading list for months, since I first saw it recommended by Ferriss.

I wasn't sure about the three blue pencils.  They didn't feel anything special.

Last out was a Japanese razorsaw, again something I had never seen before.  It is a double edged saw on a stick like handle, as you can see in the photo.

The package was completed with a link to video introducing the items.

This wasn't cheap at $100 but it felt quite different to receive a surprise where most of the items and of real interest and value to me.  It was almost worth the money to discover the Buddha Board.  Ferriss claims we're receiving well over $100 worth of value from the box, which I'm inclined to agree with, but you have to take that with a pinch of salt as he obviously isn't paying full whack for the contents.

It was enough for me to keep my subscription for #TIM02 and it will be interesting to see how Tim tops this one.  The supplement and the books were well known to me from his blog and books, so I hope he can find plenty more surprises.