Sunday, 15 April 2012

Milan marathon

My first international marathon and... well it rained all weekend.  I narrowly missed out on a PB by 58 seconds on this fast and flat course.  The fist half was dull, following suburban main roads towards the city centre and then spiralling into the finish.  The highlight was a couple of miles into the centre and around Duomo di Milano.

Despite a frustrating start, having to pee four times in the first hour, possibly the result of a caffiene laden energy drink before the start, I felt good and kept a steady pace up, passing half way in 1:52.  I knew this was PB territory but didn't want to think about that this early.  I kept the pace up for 37 kilometres and then it fell apart, where every step became a battle, the route felt like it was heading uphill and my feet were heavy from the constant rain.  I suspect a PB would have been there if I hadn't run two marathons the weekend before...

Milan medal and race number
Here's the route on Strava.  I finished in 3:50:58, my second fastest marathon and my 38th.