Sunday, 12 February 2012

Quadzilla Day 4 - four marathons in four days.

Just a very brief write up for now.  I've just finished my fourth marathon in four days in 4:13:30.  This was the final day of running 7 and a half laps of Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes for four consecutive days.  It was cold, it snowed, it was tough, but I somehow managed to enjoy all of the last two days with no low points, running at a nice steady pace.  Best of all I have finally ,mastered a strong marathon finish, accelerating through the last lap today and yesterday, clocking my fastest lap of the lake on the final lap today.

Conditions underfoot on the last day
Today was tough, no doubt about it.  My legs were tired but I just kept running, fully expecting the faitgue to overwhelm me at any moment, but it didn't come.  First I thought I'll run to half way then walk/run.  At half way I thought I'll finish this lap then walk/run, but the fatigue never hit and I just kept going.  With 90 minutes to go I knew I was on for a good time if I could maintain the pace but didn't dare hope that I could actually make it yet.  As I passed the line to start the final lap I knew I had 4:24 in the bag, which would beat Day 2.  Halfway into the second lap I knew 4:18 was on, to give me the second best time of the weekend, but I found renewed strength and pushed the pace hard, catching a couple of other runners on the final half lap to finish in 4:13:30.

This gives me an average time of about 4h17m per marathon, only just outside my 4h15m target.

A great way to finish the Quadzilla and my thirty-third marathon.  A big thankyou to Foxy Davy for organising and all his helpers.  Also to all the spectators braving the cold to cheer us all on, and to all the other runners for making the Quadzilla such an amazing experience.

I was 20th out of 55 completing the course today, putting me 17th out of the 45 runners who completed all four marathons.  Here's a link to the route on Strava.

Here's a photo of the famous hoodie for completing the Enigma Quadzilla.

And a couple of "permanent" green numbers issued to all competitors who completed the Quadzilla.

"Permanent" green number 34.