Monday, 30 January 2012

Quadzilla - 10 days to go

There are just ten days left until my first attempt at running foud marathons in four days.  Training has gone well, with me running more miles in January than I can remember running in a month for years.  I was laid low with a cold for a couple of days last week, but that has pretty much cleared up now, no doubt the result of upping my training mileage too quickly over the last couple of weeks and not getting enough sleep.  Overall I'm feeling ready for the Quadzilla.  Training runs feel good, I'm running lightly and recovering quickly. 

My only real concern is for the weather.  I don't fancy 20 hours of running in freezing rain and gales (I've seen both already this month).  I know I can cope with the fatigue and running on sore calves, ankles, feet, having done so on the Druids Challenge Ridgeway Ultra back in November.

I have clocked up 140 miles of running already this month, and should push this over 150 by Tuesday night, not least because I am setting the trail for City Hash from Aldgate then.  After Tuesday, I'll be thinking about tapering, easing off on not just the running, but beer and chocolate bars too!

I haven't really been advertising my intention to run the Quadzilla, preferring to keep it low key until after the event, because as always in these big runs, I'm confident in my ability to give it a good shot, but know that I'll need to judge it just right to avoid injury and anything can happen leading up to or during the event.

On the plus side, the course is flat, at least I hope so as it follows the edge of a lake!  So that shouldn't provide the extra effort that the Ridgeway required, slipping along mud and trudging up hills.  On the downside, this one is 7 and a half laps of Caldecott Lake in Miton Keynes.  I have mixed feelings about the laps.  They can be great (I ran a PB on a 2 mile lap) because they give you exact feedback on your performance during the race, you know exactly what is coming up and the water stations are very evenly spaced!

Of course, all those laps have the potential to get a bit boring, especially on a flat course and multipled by four days.  But I'm expecting a good atmosphere and although this will be my first Enigma Running event, I've already heard plenty of good feedback about them.

Roll on next Thursday.