Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Quadzilla - Six weeks to go

There are only six weeks to go until the Enigma Quadzilla, so I thought I'd better crack on with training.  After a slack December for running, with too many Christmas parties to fit in, I have been running again most days since Christmas Day.  Nothing over an hour yet, but my legs feel strong and fully recovered from the November marathon-fest.

For January, I will be focusing on slow running, working on improving my speed for a given heart rate (about 142), by sticking under that heart rate for all of my running.  This is supposed to improve my body's ability to burn fat and run easily over long distances, or so I've read.  The only difficulty with that is that it means I have to walk up anything steeper than a ramp, so its very, very difficult to stick to.  After years of running, where I have never found a way to get significantly faster at the marathon, I'm hoping this will make a difference - my PB two years ago is only 18 minutes faster than my first ever marathon way back in 1998.

I'm also looking for a January marathon to get me back on track for two a month until my next birthday.  Assuming I finish the Quadzilla I'll still be one down to the end of February.