Friday, 20 May 2011

London to Cardiff 24

Ever thought of running from London to Cardiff, but decided that the 160 miles was maybe just a bit too far on your own?  Well now you have the opportunity to run from London to Cardiff in 24 hours as a relay race, splitting the distance between you and the rest of your team.

I took part in the inaugural London to Cardiff 24 in 2010, and now its back on 17-18 June 2011.  The 2010 event was an amazing experience, designed for teams of twelve to complete two individual legs each, and with the whole team running together at the start in London, for the final run into Cardiff and for a leg in the middle.

A bunch of friends from the hash house harriers, we got ourselves into a team, with three cars and, with me running the first leg, the rest of the team drove west, heading out of London.  The team stuck together for much of the route, supporting the runner and creating a great atmosphere.  For me, one of the highlights was running along the Ridgeway footpath in Oxfordshire at midnight, before joining the whole team for the middle team leg, up and down dark hills in the middle of the countryside!  After grabbing some sleep in the car, I was running again in bright early morning sunshine on the way towards Cardiff.

If you can't make it to London or June doesn't suit then take a look at Relay UK, where the relay racing bug is spreading.  You can now run Cambridge to Oxford, Glasgow to Edinburgh, London to Brighton and Belfast to Dublin.  There is guaranteed to be a big party atmosphere waiting at the finish line and you'll find it a tremendous bonding experience, running together as a team and against other teams.

Check out London to Cardiff 24 website for all the details of this year's event.