Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A marathon ambition - three in three

I've had an ambition to join the 100 Marathon Club for a few years now and over the last couple of years I started on the road to making this goal happen, clocking up nine and eight marathons in 2009 and 2010 respectively, taking me to a current total of twenty four marathons.  2011 has been a quiet year so far, with travelling preventing me from running any marathons so far this year. 

So I have been busy shelling out cash and entering races this week.  First up on my return to the UK will be the  Brentwood multi lap marathon in October, which will get me to the quarter-of-the-way milestone.

Then, looking for something more serious, and having survived two marathons in two days in 2010, with no ill effects, I have entered the 82 mile Druid Challenge 2011which follows the Ridgeway footpath.  Its basically three marathons (plus a couple of miles) over a three day weekend in November.  Having walked this route camping almost twenty years ago, and walked sections of it many times since, I know full well how hilly the Ridgeway is.  Running three hilly marathons in three consecutive days feels scary right now!  Which is why I am posting my goal here now, to discourage me from backing out.

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