Friday, 3 September 2010

Marathon recovery - four days later

Well its been four days since I completed the marathon double and recovery is going better than expected.  I've been running twice since already!  On Tuesday evening I ran with City Hash where I felt like I still had the endorphins coursing through my body from the previous day.  It was great!  My quads hurt and my speed was limited but it was fun and I could still fly up steps.

I could feel the aching in my thighs on Wednesday too, although my calves were fun, and by today my legs felt fine so I went for another run.  Just a short one - half an hour - in glorious sunshine.  I wore my Zem Gear shoes and felt like I was floating along with a very light step, picking the pace up over the last ten minutes felt easy.  My legs already feel fully recovered.

No colds or sniffles either, although I did feel very tired for most of this week.  Of course, I missed out on sleep with the two early starts for the marathons, which didn't help.  I'm pretty pleased with feeling back on form just four days after the marathon double.  Its got me seriously thinking about the idea of three in three days!

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