Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last Pacman Standing

Tonight I played Pacman, but this wasn't on a computer.  This was the third running of City Hash House Harriers' "Last Pacman Standing".

If you really haven't heard of Pacman (and I have met a few people who claim this), bring yourself up to speed here!  Around a hundred people dressed as Pacmen and women in specially designed tshirts, and there were seven 'ghosts' patrolling the area around Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square in central London.

Before the start

Each Pacman was issued with a token (a coloured clothes peg) to exchange at one of three secret bases, for a beer and another token.  The beer had to be drunk before leaving to find another base.  The location of the bases quickly spread through the group as Pacmen encountered each other on the course, exchanging details of where to go.

Bemused tourists looked on in Trafalgar Square, with several players stopping to explain what we were doing.  The ghosts were some of the fastest runners in the group and with so many Pacmen, they had easy pickings to catch as many as they could.  It was more of a problem dodging pedestrians in such a crowded area than it was to avoid the ghosts.

The goal was to score as many points as possible, with one point scored each time a Pacman reached a base with their token.  If there token had been stolen by a ghost, they had to drink a beer and collect another token but didn't score a point for that run.  As is traditional, the game ended when the beer ran out.

Here are some photos of this year's event.

And here is a video from the start of the 2009 version of the event.

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