Thursday, 29 July 2010

A new wood...

...or rather new access to an old wood.  On my evening run, I just discovered a new footpath through Archer's Wood.  This route opens up access to more of the woodland and fields surrounding Forty Hall.  It runs between the existing footpath off Whitewebbs Lane and Myddleton House on Bulls Cross - a welcome alternative to the grotty pavement alongside Whitewebbs Lane.

Tonight's route provided a good test for my Zem shoes.  As before, pretty much all surfaces were great to run on except gravel, which hurts!  I was forced into walking on the worst of the gravel, but was flying along the grass and dirt trails.  The Zems continue to impress me in terms of comfort and speed, but look disappointing in durability.  Small holes have already appeared along the seam between the lycra upper and the rubber sole, which is showing signs of wear.  At least they were only $30 a pair.

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