Monday, 26 July 2010

Diving at Wraysbury

A well deserved rest from running today!  The sun was out and the water was warm, well 21 degrees.  Perfect for a couple of hour-long dives at Wraysbury.

Kitting up
We spotted a couple of crayfish and the perch were everywhere and even saw a young pike.  And of course, the usual sunken boats and cars.  The silt swirling around the weed was like early morning mist.

Calm water
For the first dive we swam a complete circuit around the edge of the lake, usually the best option for avoiding the silt.  Despite the calm surface the second dive through the centre of the lake was mostly clouded up with silt.

Between the dives there was plenty of time to doze in the sun and watch the constant stream of planes climbing out of Heathrow.

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