Wednesday, 28 July 2010

City Hash - Hampstead Heath

Another cracking City H3 run this evening, taking in much of Hampstead Heath.  You can't beat running with a large group on a sunny evening.

We were at the Duke of Hamilton, a lovely friendly pub on the edge of the Heath.  The Hash has been running from the Duke for years but it is sadly now under threat of closure, with the owner planning to redevelop the site.  The latest rumour is that Dave Bedford may take over running the pub if development does not go ahead!

I ran in my Zem shoes again, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, well apart from running over gravel.  These 'shoes' are so light that sprinting and running up hills feels great.  As I'm now used to with my VFFs, I received plenty of comments, some encouraging and many along the lines of incredulity that its possible to run at all with so little cushioning.  All I can say is that after three months in VFFs, and now Zem Gear shoes, building up speed and distance gradually, my feet are stronger than ever.  Even better, the discomfort, never quite pain, that I've had in my right heel for years while running just doesn't appear in these shoes.

Post run beers in the pub cellar.

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